Dental Care

Take Care of Your Pet’s Pearly Whites.

Dental care isn’t just for people. In fact, it’s just as important for dogs and cats as it is for humans. Without regular cleanings and examinations, most pets suffer from some form of periodontal disease by the time they are three years old. And when left untreated, even minor dental diseases can lead to infections and other serious health complications. Here at Monroe Animal Health Center, we provide comprehensive pet dental care in Monroe areas, and are here to keep your furry friend’s teeth and gums in good condition. From cleanings and exams to extractions, we do it all!

Why Pet Dental Care Is Important

Pet dental care

You wouldn’t dream of going your entire life without seeing a dentist, so why wouldn’t you take your pet to the vet for dental care?

If your pet doesn’t receive appropriate dental services, they will likely develop problems like bad breath and tooth discoloration. And while these issues seem minor, they often lead to more severe issues when not addressed.

Your pet could experience pain, difficulty eating, and infections as a result of poor dental health. Infections originating in the mouth can enter the bloodstream, too, and travel to other parts of your pet’s body. They can cause heart, liver, and kidney disease and even lead to premature death.

Dental radiology, which is included in our dental cleaning package, deals with taking X-rays of the mouth and oral structures of your cat or dog. This can help us identify any problems they are experiencing within their mouth and help to rule out problems we can't see with an exam alone.

Pet Dental Care in Monroe

If you’re looking for a new pet dentist, Monroe Animal Health can help you out. Our loving staff will make you and your companion feel like family immediately. Call us to schedule an appointment for your pet’s dental cleaning today!

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